More on Intumescent Coating

GA Foam Solutions is more than just your provider of excellent, quality insulation products. They are your one stop shop for everything you need when it comes to insulating your building, whether it be your home, commercial building, or more. Intumescent coating is another service offered by GA Foam Solutions.

What is intumescent coating?

Intumescent coating is an additional spray that is applied over the foam insulation. It acts as an additional shield in case of fire. The coating can act as an ignition barrier as well as a thermal barrier, depending on how thickly it is applied over the foam insulation.

Ignition Barrier: An ignition barrier creates an additional barrier, space, and amount of time before a fire can catch between the spray polyurethane foam and the interior of a building. Proper spray insulation already has some fire and ignition resistant qualities. Depending on the space, you may or may not need an ignition barrier. Typically, an ignition barrier is required if the area in question is accessible but is not being used as a living or storage space. An example of this would be a crawl space or attic.

Thermal Barrier: Similarly, a thermal barrier is a material that separates the spray polyurethane foam from the interior of your building. All thermal barrier material must pass a test where it resists catching fire for 15 minutes. This is usually a required shield for all buildings, where the ignition barrier is not always required.

How is the fire resistance of intumescent coating tested?

Intumescent coating can act as either a thermal barrier or an ignition barrier. This ability depends on how thickly it is applied over the spray polyurethane foam insulation.

Typically, the thermal or ignition barrier strength is tested using a four corner burn test. In this test, the material is applied under controlled conditions and a fire is set. The amount of time that the material is able to resist igniting is how the material is determined to be appropriate for thermal or ignition barrier status. All of this testing is done thoroughly in labs under controlled conditions so all material being used by GA Foam Solutions is regulated and considered safe.

Where can I learn more about intumescent coating?

The professionals at GA Foam Solutions are happy to answer your questions regarding intumescent coating and the fire safety of your insulation and materials. They have the knowledge and experience necessary to inspect your existing insulation and determine if it is both safe and effective, and make recommendations if needed.

Whether your insulation is for your home, office, corporate space, or more, you want to make sure that your insulation is both effective and safe. GA Foam Solutions strictly adheres to all safety regulations, and will go above and beyond to make sure that you are getting the very best in service and quality products for your insulation needs. Intumescent coating is just one of the many services that GA Foam Solutions offers, so call today to learn more.

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