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GA Foam Solutions is your partner and ally when it comes to ensuring that your home, business, or other building space is as energy efficient as possible. They regularly perform energy audits to test and measure how well your insulation is performing, by testing how well it is preventing air infiltration and heat loss. This, along with offering the very best in quality insulation products and other services, is just one way that GA Foam Solutions helps you save money and be environmentally friendly.

What is air infiltration?

Air infiltration, which can also be referred to as air leakage, occurs when air gets inside a building unintentionally or without anyone knowing about it. Air infiltration can occur through cracks, holes, and weaknesses in insulation. Many times, poor or outdated insulation can be a prime suspect for air infiltration in homes and other buildings.

GA Foam Solutions typically recommends spray polyurethane foam insulation to minimize air infiltration. This product offers the very best in insulation properties, including minimal air infiltration. Spray polyurethane foam insulation is also the best product for insulating hard to reach areas such as corners, areas around pipes and wiring, and more areas where other insulation options may not reach or adhere properly.

What is heat loss?

Heat loss is a term that refers to how much energy is being lost from your home or building. The amount of energy that you lose, whether from your heating or cooling, can be a lot. The prime areas for major energy loss are around windows and through attics and roofs, and even through walls, typically because of poor insulation. As much as 25% of your home’s energy loss occurs through the attic or roof, and 35% through the walls. Effective insulation can save you a surprising amount of money.

How does GA Foam Solutions perform energy audits?

GA Foam Solutions performs energy audits through a series of tests. These test measure heat loss and air infiltration to determine how energy efficient your home is, and where your insulation may need to be updated or upgraded.

Blower Test: A blower test uses a high powered fan to extract the air out of your building. This creates a negative pressure. When air infiltrates through weaknesses in your building, this is measured. When air leaks are definitely present, smoke might be used to locate the exact location of the leaks themselves.

Thermal Imaging: Thermal imaging uses an infrared camera to actually photograph where air infiltration and heat loss might be occurring in your home or building. Thermal photos will show you where your home or building might have weaknesses in the insulation or other energy loss issues. Thermal imagining can offer you visual proof of how energy efficient your home or building is.

Energy Audit Packages

GA Foam Solutions, as your go-to insulation specialists, offer two packages for energy audits. These packages range in price from $49 to $249, depending on whether or not the blower test is needed to test your building. Call GA Foam Solutions today to learn more about these energy audit packages and how you can get started testing the energy efficiency of your home or business.

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