Polyurea Coating Solutions

GA Foam Solutions can install the latest in spray-applied Polyurea elastomers to meet your company’s commercial needs. Polyurea is a truly remarkable coatings, linings and joint sealant technology that is really only limited by the imagination of the user. It is a flexible and resilient yet extremely tough plastic-like elastomer finish that is hard to beat for surface protection, whether in cold storage environments at -20 degrees or as a secondary containment liner. Polyurea coatings and linings can be applied to virtually anything. Many uses include application over concrete and steel for corrosion protection and abrasion resistance. They also have tremendous advantages over conventional materials due to their quick application time, fast set nature, and high elongation and durability/abrasion characteristics.

The types of clients who benefit from Polyurea coating systems include those with sanitary areas, such as food processing facilities, pharmaceutical plants, restaurants, grocery stores, and cold storage warehouses. 100% solid Polyurea systems also provide nearly indestructible traffic coatings that can handle forklifts, autos, and other extreme traffic, providing excellent aesthetics, durability, protection and safety.

Recommended Product Application

Refrigeration Units
Roof Coating
Truck Bed Liners
Flooring and Parking Decks
Pipe Coatings & Linings
Water Parks & Playgrounds
Railcar Lining & Track Containment
Tank Coatings & Linings
Bridge Coating
Joint Fill/Caulk
Waste Water Treatment Linings
Line Striping
Spray Molding
Manhole & Sewer Linings
Vented Crawl Spaces
Theme Parks
Decorative Design coating Aquarium Lining
Landscape & Water Containment
Automotive Fascia OEM Molded Parts
Fuel Storage & Containment


No VOCs and Little to No Odor
Some Systems are USDA and Potable Approved
Weather Tolerant: Cures at -25ºF to >300ºF even in High Humidity
Excellent Resistance to Thermal Shock
Flexible: Bridges Cracks
Waterproof, Seamless and Resilient