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More on GA Foam Sealing Package

GA Foam Solutions is not just about providing you with the very best in foam insulation materials, but it is about the entire package. It is for this purpose that GA Foam Solutions offers you a full package that ensures, from the quality of the product used to the expertise of the technicians themselves, you are getting the very best service possible. That is the level of service that GA Foam Solutions brings to you.

This means that you don’t have to worry about some poorly trained technician showing up to your house and just spraying insulation. The GA Foam Sealing Package offers you much more peace of mind than just any insulation company. There are many parts of this sealing package that would benefit any customer, from the moment you order through to the end.

The Best of GA Foam Sealing Package


The GA Foam Sealing Package starts with a thorough overview of the building. The technician will inspect the structure of the building to locate points of weakness and areas where air can infiltrate your structure. GA Foam Solutions technicians are trained and experienced with finding weak spots that others might overlook, and their understanding of building techniques allows them to have prior knowledge of typical insulation weaknesses.

Thorough Preparation

The technician will then prep the building to get ready for insulation. This includes many different parts. To start, during the inspection process, the technician will make note of any areas that might be difficult to reach, which is of great benefit to you because these are some of the areas that are typically bypassed and can be huge problems for air infiltration. These areas will be prepped so that there are no areas missed.

All of your doors, windows, and belongings will be protected using plastic coverings and tape to keep any product from damaging your items. All of the areas to be insulated will be prepped for the primary spraying by sealing cracks and joints around all windows, doors, and other areas.

Quality Products, Quality Installation

GA Foam Solutions offers you the very best in spray polyurethane insulation, but the products that they work with aren’t the only thing that is quality controlled. With GA Foam Solutions, you are guaranteed to have the best people working on your home or building. All GA Foam Solutions technicians are thoroughly trained and knowledgeable in their craft, so you know that the very best job is getting done for you. You can rest assured that your building insulation project is going to be of the very best quality, top to bottom.

Finishing Touches

Not only does the GA Foam Sealing Package offer you top quality service from start to finish, but the work doesn’t stop just because the job is done. After the installation is finished, every bit of trash, debris, and product will be cleaned up and removed. The only thing that would let someone know there were people working in the area is the excellent insulation. In fact, the work site will actually be left cleaner than when the workers arrived.

GA Foam Solutions offers more than just quality product. With their GA Foam Sealing Package, they offer you a full package of quality service as well. So you can count on them to get the job done right, the first time.

More on Polyurea Coating Solutions

GA Foam Solutions continues to be your go-to for all of your insulation needs and services. From the very best products and expert installation technicians and more, there is no other professional you ever need call for your insulation needs. GA Foam Solutions also provides polyurea coating for your building needs.

What is polyurea coating?

Polyurea coating is a plastic-like substance that offers excellent surface protection. It is an elastomer, which means that it is extremely flexible as well as being resilient. Polyurea coating is typically used for commercial buildings.

What are the benefits of polyurea coating?

There are multiple benefits of polyurea coating, which make it a very useful product on many building sites. The material is extremely weather tolerant, usable at temperatures ranging from -20* to over 300* and will even cure in high humidity. Polyurea coating offers excellent resistance to thermal shock. It is extremely strong and tough, but also flexible enough to bridge cracks and be used over joints and linings.

Polyurea coating is also seamless and waterproof, and has no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and very little odor involved. All of these qualities make polyurea coating perfect for protecting commercial buildings and equipment of all types. Its ability to set quickly and the fast application time set it apart from any other similar technology. GA Foam Solutions offers you the very best and latest technology in spray-applied polyurea coating.

What are some common applications for polyurea coating?

Most polyurea coating product applications are for commercial uses, as there is not usually a need for such a strong and flexible material for residential buildings. Commercial uses come in a huge range. Here are some of the recommended product applications:

* Refrigeration Units
* Roof Coating
* Truck Bed Liners
* Flooring and Parking Decks
* Pipe Coatings & Linings
* Water Parks & Playgrounds
* Rail car Lining & Track Containment
* Tank Coatings & Linings
* Bridge Coating
* Joint Fill/Caulk
* Waste Water Treatment Linings
* Spray Molding
* Manhole & Sewer Linings
* Vented Crawl Spaces
* Theme Parks
* Decorative Design coating Aquarium Lining
* Landscape & Water Containment
* Automotive Fascia OEM Molded Parts
* Fuel Storage & Containment
* … and more

As you can see, many of the commercial applications for polyurea coatings involve waterproof lining, fuel storage, and cold storage. This is because of polyurea coating’s excellent waterproof and temperature resistance. There are also a lot of traffic and safety applications because of how strong and almost indestructible the polyurea coatings are.

Many other business also benefit from polyurea coating are sanitary areas such as restaurants and food processing facilities. It can even be used over concrete and steel to protect against corrosion and damage. Polyurea is truly a versatile and useful material to work with, and GA Foam Solutions is proud to provide it to their commercial customers.

To learn more about polyurea coating solutions, do not hesitate to call the experts at GA Foam Solutions. They are committed not only to providing the very best in products and service, and you can trust that the professional you speak with will be knowledgeable and experienced. Call GA Foam Solutions today for more about polyurea coating solutions.

More on Energy Audits

GA Foam Solutions is your partner and ally when it comes to ensuring that your home, business, or other building space is as energy efficient as possible. They regularly perform energy audits to test and measure how well your insulation is performing, by testing how well it is preventing air infiltration and heat loss. This, along with offering the very best in quality insulation products and other services, is just one way that GA Foam Solutions helps you save money and be environmentally friendly.

What is air infiltration?

Air infiltration, which can also be referred to as air leakage, occurs when air gets inside a building unintentionally or without anyone knowing about it. Air infiltration can occur through cracks, holes, and weaknesses in insulation. Many times, poor or outdated insulation can be a prime suspect for air infiltration in homes and other buildings.

GA Foam Solutions typically recommends spray polyurethane foam insulation to minimize air infiltration. This product offers the very best in insulation properties, including minimal air infiltration. Spray polyurethane foam insulation is also the best product for insulating hard to reach areas such as corners, areas around pipes and wiring, and more areas where other insulation options may not reach or adhere properly.

What is heat loss?

Heat loss is a term that refers to how much energy is being lost from your home or building. The amount of energy that you lose, whether from your heating or cooling, can be a lot. The prime areas for major energy loss are around windows and through attics and roofs, and even through walls, typically because of poor insulation. As much as 25% of your home’s energy loss occurs through the attic or roof, and 35% through the walls. Effective insulation can save you a surprising amount of money.

How does GA Foam Solutions perform energy audits?

GA Foam Solutions performs energy audits through a series of tests. These test measure heat loss and air infiltration to determine how energy efficient your home is, and where your insulation may need to be updated or upgraded.

Blower Test: A blower test uses a high powered fan to extract the air out of your building. This creates a negative pressure. When air infiltrates through weaknesses in your building, this is measured. When air leaks are definitely present, smoke might be used to locate the exact location of the leaks themselves.

Thermal Imaging: Thermal imaging uses an infrared camera to actually photograph where air infiltration and heat loss might be occurring in your home or building. Thermal photos will show you where your home or building might have weaknesses in the insulation or other energy loss issues. Thermal imagining can offer you visual proof of how energy efficient your home or building is.

Energy Audit Packages

GA Foam Solutions, as your go-to insulation specialists, offer two packages for energy audits. These packages range in price from $49 to $249, depending on whether or not the blower test is needed to test your building. Call GA Foam Solutions today to learn more about these energy audit packages and how you can get started testing the energy efficiency of your home or business.

More on Intumescent Coating

GA Foam Solutions is more than just your provider of excellent, quality insulation products. They are your one stop shop for everything you need when it comes to insulating your building, whether it be your home, commercial building, or more. Intumescent coating is another service offered by GA Foam Solutions.

What is intumescent coating?

Intumescent coating is an additional spray that is applied over the foam insulation. It acts as an additional shield in case of fire. The coating can act as an ignition barrier as well as a thermal barrier, depending on how thickly it is applied over the foam insulation.

Ignition Barrier: An ignition barrier creates an additional barrier, space, and amount of time before a fire can catch between the spray polyurethane foam and the interior of a building. Proper spray insulation already has some fire and ignition resistant qualities. Depending on the space, you may or may not need an ignition barrier. Typically, an ignition barrier is required if the area in question is accessible but is not being used as a living or storage space. An example of this would be a crawl space or attic.

Thermal Barrier: Similarly, a thermal barrier is a material that separates the spray polyurethane foam from the interior of your building. All thermal barrier material must pass a test where it resists catching fire for 15 minutes. This is usually a required shield for all buildings, where the ignition barrier is not always required.

How is the fire resistance of intumescent coating tested?

Intumescent coating can act as either a thermal barrier or an ignition barrier. This ability depends on how thickly it is applied over the spray polyurethane foam insulation.

Typically, the thermal or ignition barrier strength is tested using a four corner burn test. In this test, the material is applied under controlled conditions and a fire is set. The amount of time that the material is able to resist igniting is how the material is determined to be appropriate for thermal or ignition barrier status. All of this testing is done thoroughly in labs under controlled conditions so all material being used by GA Foam Solutions is regulated and considered safe.

Where can I learn more about intumescent coating?

The professionals at GA Foam Solutions are happy to answer your questions regarding intumescent coating and the fire safety of your insulation and materials. They have the knowledge and experience necessary to inspect your existing insulation and determine if it is both safe and effective, and make recommendations if needed.

Whether your insulation is for your home, office, corporate space, or more, you want to make sure that your insulation is both effective and safe. GA Foam Solutions strictly adheres to all safety regulations, and will go above and beyond to make sure that you are getting the very best in service and quality products for your insulation needs. Intumescent coating is just one of the many services that GA Foam Solutions offers, so call today to learn more.

More on Consulting Services

GA Foam Solutions is here to offer you the very best in quality insulation products, service, and much more. They are your go-to professionals when you want the very best work done. They are also the place to turn to when you need an expert’s opinion. Whatever your insulation needs are GA Foam Solutions is here for you.

GA Foam Solutions is here for you when you have questions or concerns and need to discuss them with a professional you can trust. Consulting services are available to anyone, home owners and builders alike, whenever you have questions or concerns about your insulation. Simply call to schedule a telephone consult and you can have a GA Foam Solutions expert all to yourself to ask questions and get advice.

Telephone Consultations

A telephone consult is a great place to start if you have questions about insulation, or are thinking about updating or upgrading your insulation. Maybe you have concerns about the efficiency of your home or other building insulation, or maybe you are building a new space or adding on and need to know what the best insulation is for your project. No matter what your questions are, a professional from GA Foam Solutions is happy to assist you with whatever you need. The professional you speak to might recommend an energy audit, or discuss with you the best approach to get what you want and need out of your insulation services, even if you are working with a different contractor.

Second Opinions

GA Foam Solutions is also happy to look at prior insulation proposals or even discuss with you another contractor’s approach if you are working with someone else. Simply send your current proposals via email to along with the best contact information to reach you. GA Foam Solutions can evaluate these proposals for the proper approach and make sure you are getting the best work and deal possible. An expert can even provide ideas regarding alternative approaches that you can discuss with your contractor. GA Foam Solutions wants to make sure that you are getting the best work done for the most competitive price.

GA Foam Solutions Means Savings

No matter what approach you choose, even when you are working with another contractor, GA Foam Solutions is committed to ensuring that you are making the best insulation decisions. After all, the insulation and application of that insulation can greatly affect your home’s energy efficiency for years to come. GA Foam Solutions wants to make sure you get the job done right. They have saved their customers tons of money by helping determine the best insulation decisions possible, and they want to help you do the same.

Whether you have questions about new constructions, insulation upgrades, remodeling, or any insulation related questions at all- call GA Foam Solutions. Their experts are ready to help you get the very most out of your insulation products and service. Email them today at to schedule your telephone consultation, or call them at 1-888-420-8883 today.